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01-05-2013, 10:38 AM
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Originally Posted by Sour Shoes View Post
because of the supply/demand effect of a larger population... again, not my problem. there are small market fans that are dumb enough to support a league with haves & have nots (see - anyone who ever has paid a dime to watch a ball game at pnc park). i'm just saying i, and hopefully most others, wouldn't support such a league. for any toronto fans that hate the cap... are you jays fans?? did you enjoy the last 20 years sharing a division with the yankees and red sox? (toronto's current year spending spree notwithstanding)
Pirates fans are so unbelievably salty.

News flash! The NL Central has been won by four different teams in the last five years.

If you think the economics of baseball is the reason they Pirates are so consistently terrible you are just looking for an excuse.

Also, PNC Park is a shrine. I don't care how bad the team is that place is always worth a visit.

And yes, I am a Jays fan, and I love sharing a division with the Yankees and Red Sox. And I can tell you unequivocally that the Blue Jays ownership has LOVED having them in the division. When those big spenders visit town, those are the Jays' (and every other team in baseball's) best gates of the season.

And you cant say "current year spending spree notwithstanding". The current spending spree is an example of exactly how a "small" (and I use that term loosely because the Jays' owners are super rich) market teams build through the draft, and gradually, but most importantly, financially responsibly, build themselves to a level where they are in a position to spend money.

Mandating limits and floors and percentages to be spent is horribly misguided and static response to economic and performance factors that are always changing.

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