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Originally Posted by Xokkeu View Post
The NCAA doesn't discriminate on national basis. Canadians are welcome to follow the same rules as Americans.
Yes I'm aware they are welcome given they follow a specific set of rules. I do find the NCAA's archaic rules to be protectionist as it relates to hockey and the CHL though. The pittance that CHL players make should hardly make them ineligible. Clearly the NCAA doesn't come right out and limit the number of Canadians, but I can't help but think they are happy to keep loads of 20 year old former CHL players out of their leagues, even though many would be superior hockey players to many of the Americans filling out those teams.

Originally Posted by DaveG View Post
Only somewhat. The issue is two parts. One is that the NCAA wrongly considers the CHL leagues to be professional. The other is that the NCAA has is being on the same team as players under professional (NHL) contracts. It's the same thing in many other sports where (notably mostly European) players are held out for a number of games if not declared outright ineligible based on some of their teammates being professional players even if the player himself is still amateur.

Here's some articles to check out that cover a bit of the subject:

The NCAA has been softening a bit on the issue lately, but we're still a long way away from CHL players being considered IMO.
Appreciate the articles. My issue is them considering the CHL to be a professional league. The NCAA is pretty ridiculous in the ways that they enforce their rules, so it is hard to figure out where they're even coming from in man cases, but I can't help but think that protecting spots for Americans is part of their reasoning. No issue with them not accepting drafted players, as those guys can just play out their junior career and move on to professional hockey. In any event it's not really a significant hindrance to Canadian player development, just an observation.

With regard to the main topic, I would say that the CHL should increase the import cap. If not this, then teams should be able to choose between one of their 20 year olds or an extra foreign player.

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