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01-05-2013, 10:53 AM
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Originally Posted by abootzky View Post
To most real Eskimo fans, the sight of Henry Burris in green & gold would have us reaching for icepicks to jab out our eyes. Seriously though, if what you're saying is true, why did Calgary let Burris go in order to bring in someone with a bad attitude to mentor/back up Drew Tate? Burris is a smiling, erratic, interception throwing, finger pointing, phony goof. I'd take Kevin Glenn (who is well-known for having an excellent attitude btw) over him in a second.
I've had season tickets for ten years and seen four Grey Cups live. I guess I'm not a real fan. I didn't hear of anyone taking an icepick to the eye seeing Ray in an Argos jersey. This is pro sports, it's just a game. Burris is a gamer and he can still play. He has both his legs and a great arm which is what Edmonton fans were calling for when Ray was getting lit up like a sitting duck for staying in the pocket due to our offensive line. I think Calgary made a mistake going with Tate, and it is clear that he did not bring them to the Grey Cup last year. So I'm glad you watched some Grey Cup coverage this year and bought the sob story about Kevin Glenn being a great guy, I'm sure he is, but everyone danced around the fact that he is a perennial loser and nobody asked the hard questions after the game about his performance.

Originally Posted by Kyle McMahon View Post
Steal them for the other team?

Burris holds the all-time record for boneheaded interceptions that cost his team the game.

Great stats, great arm...poor results. There's a reason Burris has reached a grand total of one Grey Cup game in his entire career. Funny that Saskatchewan started playing in Grey Cups shortly after he left, while Calgary also returned to the big game a year after cutting him loose.

I mean, sure he'd be better than Kerry Joseph. Pretty much anyone would be. But we need to develop a QB to guide us into the future, not waste time on a band-aid solution that is unlikely to yield positive results.
I didn't know anyone kept a stat for lame duck interceptions. I thought that was Ray's hallmark? A few quarterback critics in this forum are starting to sound a lot like Skip Bayless. Since 2004 Burris narrowly missed Grey Cup berths in 2004 and 2005 to very good teams once with Sask and once with CGY. Additionally, the Riders don't win until 2007 with a very different team. Somehow your math just does not add up.

I think Burris is the best option in the CFL right now for a proven quarterback. If we could nab McPherson or Rielly that would be a great consolation prize. Burris set records for touchdowns this year and can make plays with his legs thus giving our offense a true triple threat offense, something Esks fans have not had the luxury of in quite some time.

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