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01-05-2013, 10:59 AM
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Originally Posted by Jaykay View Post
I'm not saying they are the second best just that the argument could be made; I think USA, Russia, and Sweden are all kind of on the same level at this point. I just disagreed with you saying that we should be a "dominant force" because we have the second largest number of players. Shouldn't we just be the second best then?

I should point out that I think Sweden is an incredibly impressive hockey nation considering their numbers. I love the way they play the game.
You picked out the "dominant force" in a lengthier comment (though it still stands in its context). I responded to...

"So the USA wins gold again in a sport we don't care about, pretty embarrassing for the rest of the world"

Now, considering the US has a HUGE amount of registered hockey players in a sport that the US DOES care about, what's that about ?.
America has hockey history and hell you even made a hollywood movie about the time you beat the soviets. That summarization is somewhat off. I fully understand that hockey cant stack up to American football or baseball but surely it isn't a sport that Americans don't care about

In closing, I have to admit that you guys have crept your way into the same boat as Sweden and Russia. It's getting crowded.

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