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01-05-2013, 11:01 AM
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Originally Posted by Beukeboom Fan View Post
Disagree because of the following :

Variance- league apparently offered 30% variance, which completely makes this a non-issue.

CBA term: supposedly both sides agree to a 10 year term, but league wants optional out clause at year 8 the PA wanting at year 7. Again - not a big issue.

Player contract term: Owners want 6/7, players supposedly want 7/7. Not a big difference.

2013-2014 Cap: Does not impact what the owners payout in salary after escrow. Should not be significant.

Pension: Could be a big deal. Haven't heard any details.

Obviously, above are just IMO based on rumored positions on each side.
Fair enough. I hope you're right. As you said, we're all just speculating based on rumors really. I'm just concerned that the constant dragging of the feet is less about waiting for a deadline and more about genuinely not budging on some issues.

There is this feeling out there that, as the deadline approaches, both sides will start making concessions. It's certainly possible, but it's based on little more than wishful thinking. I don't know if I'm ready to buy into the "they'll never lose a season over this stuff" line of thinking just yet.

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