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01-05-2013, 11:03 AM
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- Well, only according to the scoresheet was he really effective against San Jose. He was of pretty minimal importance as I recall throughout. Borderline invisible vs. his alleged near Conn Smythe worthy performance expectations. So, basically, he caused "chaos" against Vancouver and it somehow influenced an in-game adjustment in game 4 of a series that happened a month later? I just didn't understand the connection you made between "chaos vs. Vancouver" and lineup changes vs. Philadelphia. I tried to bridge the gap, but I just couldn't figure it out to be honest...

- In those two videos, Byfuglien is ignored by the Flyers defense both times. Which is either A) A product of not respecting him and letting the four penalty killers shutdown passing/shooting lanes and letting Byfuglien be the "goalie's guy" (some goalies in the audience grimace). Or B) Just fundamentally bad PKing, notably by Braydon Coburn who gets sucked out by the puck both times I believe there. Neither video shows Byfuglien finding anything nor does it show him matched up against anyone.

- Perhaps you're misinterpreting what hockey sense is? That's the only reason I could see that paragraph being typed there. Unfortunately or fortunately, there is no number for hockey sense, no stat, so far it seems that you're letting goals = hockey sense somehow, or at least at a close enough ratio to make me worry...

- It's not that he can't tie his shoes, it's that he doesn't know which feet they go on. That's why he gets moved around as much as he does. Coaches can't figure out what to do with him. He starts as a defenseman (which you referred to as "outside his normal position") in Prince George, gets a late pick, they try him at defense, he's just too much of a liability for that...they move him up to forward, they move him up and down the lineup because he doesn't have certain things that make him intrinsically valuable to any line consistently really...he's not a hard enough worker to be the forechecker/complimentary winger for a big scoring line, he's not good enough defensively to be a checking line winger for any length of time and his poor neutral zone decision making was evident throughout at either position, so they just jettison him all together where Winnipeg - one of the league's worst defensive teams - does their absolute best to babysit him, but it's just wasting the talents of Tobias Enstrom in the process...

- That's just it though, if he was really was a "consistent slot and net front presence" he'd be doing it...but he's not because he's not. He's big, if that's what you mean. But there's a reason why Ryan Smyth and Tomas Holmstrom still do it and Byfuglien did it for only a modest amount of time in his career, a modest enough amount of time that it didn't even span the entire 2010 playoffs...

- The only thing that was hyperbole in the quoted was "the series would be over in 3 games" ...the rest is pretty much on point.


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