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01-05-2013, 11:11 AM
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Originally Posted by Shockmaster View Post
They could probably just stick Jeffrey in Kennedy's current spot on the 3rd line. As for Tangradi, I admit he hasn't really gotten a fair opportunity because of guys like Adams, Park, and Vitale - but I just don't see him with the Penguins long term.

Instead of signing a bunch of role players, maybe the fourth-line could be a developmental line. Guys like Cooke, Dupuis, Sutter, Jeffrey, Kunitz, and even some of Crosby and Malkin can spend time on the PK. Sure you'd need some gritty guys come playoff time, but for the regular season give the youngsters more playing time.
Jeffrey could move into TK's spot as a cheaper replacement. I would be okay with that. Same with Tangradi...actually...stick Tangradi on that third line. I'm liking his play in WBS...but for some reason I'm still skeptical about his ability to translate that in the NHL full time.

I'd advocate bringing Cooke and Dupuis back because I believe they provide good veteran leadership in the playoffs and they could prove to be those good value players (especially Dupuis) that help win cups.

Not saying that Cooke and Dupuis are the keys to our Cup run but I think they have proven to be good effective players that are worth bringing back.


That could be a decent line up depending on who we can get to fill the Crosby wing gap. But then again...


...that could work for a season's start then made an addition at the deadline.

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