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01-05-2013, 12:19 PM
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Originally Posted by TheSniper26 View Post
Fair enough. I hope you're right. As you said, we're all just speculating based on rumors really. I'm just concerned that the constant dragging of the feet is less about waiting for a deadline and more about genuinely not budging on some issues.

There is this feeling out there that, as the deadline approaches, both sides will start making concessions. It's certainly possible, but it's based on little more than wishful thinking. I don't know if I'm ready to buy into the "they'll never lose a season over this stuff" line of thinking just yet.
I tend to agree with you. Nowhere have I seen or heard from the PA/NHL that there is an agreement on anything. It's always the media 'guessing' on what they 'think' is happening and they're 'close' on this and 'almost' agreed on that...It could be all bull for all we actually know. Perhaps the only reason the mediators are involved again is to cover off any issues that may arise when they go to court later on when the season is cancelled and the PA file their DOI...

This circus is mostly created by the media so they get 'followers' and have someone read/listen to their information from 'sources', which they can't reveal and seem to be wrong a lot more than right.

I'll wait to hear from the leadership of the NHL/PA when they say there has been an agreement on 'anything'.

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