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Originally Posted by The Overseer View Post
There is no difference between then and now when it comes to intentionally breaking the other team's star player's ankle. It is a black mark on Canadian hockey and as long as we celebrate the '72 victory as we do, it will always be relevant.

But, Canada never shows poor sportsmanship these days, right?

4-0 goal, Marchand acts like he won Olympic gold in overtime and climbs the glass:

and, let's not forget:

I'm Canadian, but I can admit Team Canada has a long, long history of being *******s on the international stage.
Um, I think your second video was evidence of the USA being dirty...wrong thread?

The first video...The whole point of people *****ing about what the Russians did was because it was AFTER THE GAME DURING THE MEDAL CEREMONY. Jesus, how thick are you? Big deal Marchand jumps onto the glass to all the Canadian fans.

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