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Originally Posted by predfan98 View Post
"In the most famous example of the inflexibility of the Olympic organizers, Jim Thorpe, perhaps America's finest athlete of all time, had his gold medals in the decathlon and pentathlon in the 1912 Olympics stripped, and his achievements nullified, because he had once accepted small amounts of money for playing semi-pro baseball during his college summers. It broke his heart. The medals were reinstated in 1983 -- 30 years after his death, 30 years after the moment could have given him any comfort.
Torch starts final leg before London Olympics open
It may be hard for young viewers of this summer's London Olympics to imagine, but all the sponsorships, advertisements and marketing hoopla that are a standard part of big-dollar contemporary Olympic Games were thought to be an insult to the Olympic spirit not so long ago. The Olympics were supposed to be about love of sport, not love of money.
Then came TV."

you got to read the whole article, and look at the history.... I was talking about the historyof the Olympics and how it used to be different..... get it.
And you're wrong (On both accounts): How many Gold Medals did professional hockey player Tretiak have taken away from him?

You really need to look at history: I'm talking about how the Olympics have always allowed professional athletes.

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