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Originally Posted by Dellstrom View Post
Bergeron gets more points than Krejci and has arguably the best defensive play in the league, and you think Krejci is our #1? Krejci is underrated defensively, he kills penalties in our defensive-minded system, but he's sure as hell no Bergeron.

There's a difference between playing on the first line and being the #1 center. Bergeron's game is much more suited for a second line shutdown role. He's still our best forward and #1 center.
During the cup run. Krejci was the number one center. He received the hardest defensive matchups in every single series.
Habs:Subban, gill
Flyers:timonen,coburn and for one game pronger/carle
tampa:brewer, ohlund(?) I forget the second guy
canucks:hamhuis, bieksa

You could maybe argue bergeron was better than krejci in the playoffs, or at least equivalent, but that does not equate to being the "number one center"

Furthermore, to say he was "right in line" after thomas is also a HIGHLY debatable point, to the lengths that I will say it is straight up wrong.

Originally Posted by Dellstrom View Post
A lot of people will, and they might not be wrong either.

Krejci scored 23 in 25 games while Bergeron scored 20 in 23. There's really not much of a difference, Krejci scored 3 more in 2 more games, but Bergeron was a major part of shutting down the opposition's first line every single night, which more than makes up for that 4% difference in PPG average, if you ask me. Both were terrific in scoring in the 2011 playoffs, and we wouldn't have won without either of them.

That's just my opinion and it's pretty annoying when people say it's "wrong" without any further argument. If you think it's wrong, please tell me why. (Not directing that at you)
To recap, your wild and consistently inaccurate posts.

We have this line, "Bergeron gets more points than Krejci"
Followed by, "Krejci scored 23 in 25 games while Bergeron scored 20 in 23. There's really not much of a difference,"

The facts,
2010: Krejci 52 points, Bergeron 52 points
2011: Krejci 62 points, Bergeron 57 points
2012: Krejci 62 points, Bergeron 64 points

At least attempt to use facts, or some semblance of consistent logic.

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