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Originally Posted by Avs Hockey Podcast View Post
There was a seller on eBay long ago named Griffenfood that used to make reproductions like the Sakic in that listing. Right when I saw that jersey I thought of Griffenfood. He made a bunch of Nordique reproductions with the 75th Anniversary patches as well. The size tag bothers me the most on the Starter. It should look way more like this.

I'd guess that jersey isn't legit (look at the difference in the mesh as compared to my Forsberg in the tag pic) and I'd say that Sakic is what is known as a "Griffenfood Special."
All right Jay, I'm trying to put all this together & make sure I get it. Thanks, by the way, for jumping in and making sure we all have it right. I haven't been around long enough to remember the Griffenfoods, but I've read about them - mostly the 75th anniversary stuff, though. Looks like the neck tagging in the Sakic listing is from '97 in a jersey with a wordmark tail from '98/'99, is that the giveaway? His neck tag looks very similar to my '97s from El Salvador with the 3 pieces - Center Ice/Mise Au Jeu, Size, and Starter/shield logo. Which matches to the tail with the Starter logo with wordmark beneath:

Then the tagging like your Forsberg (nice choice, btw) is the two piece Center Ice Authentic by Starter and the white size tag which matches with the wordmark logo on the tail. So Griffenfood matched the wrong neck tag with the wrong tail tag?

To be honest, I didn't, and still can't see a discernible difference in the meshes. Tough to tell from pics from cameras with differing quality & lighting conditions, but you've got me wondering if I don't have a Griffenfood repro in my collection. I know that El Salvador jerseys and Wisconsin jerseys have slightly different meshes - never seen a Haiti jersey- and WI vs. El Salvador are put together with the grain running in different directions on the sleeves (my 48 in the 2nd set of pics is a WI jersey and the mesh is shinier and a little smoother, if that's possible as is my white blank from WI). Also I've noticed that WI jerseys have the neck tags sewn lower, rather than on the neck seam like on your Forsberg. But I did notice the mesh on the nameplate of the listed Sakic has noticeably larger holes, I just chalked that up to using mesh for a plate that was from another source. Man, if that's a fake it's real hard to see the difference.

Probably also likely that the guy listing the jersey has/had no idea and never knew what he had. Seems like a whole lot of trouble to get material, tags, etc. just to make a repro jersey. Griffenfood would have had to embroider the Starter logo on all the tails, track down countless neck tags for all his jerseys, or make them himself somehow, etc. Could this have possibly been profitable?

Apologies to Colorado Sports Fan for misidentifying as a legit jersey, & thanks again Jay for your expertise.

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