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01-05-2013, 12:39 PM
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Originally Posted by RogerRoeper View Post
Here's the issue, the same teams losing money 8 years ago are the same teams losing money today. They got their cap and revenue sharing, yet it didn't help.

It it healthy to keep catering to these teams that seem like they can never make a profit no matter what deal is signed?

It does seem like the broke teams are calling the shots more in the NHl which I find odd. That happens in no other sport.
According to the press, 16-18 teams are claim to be losing money. So, I disagree that this lockout is being driven by 8 teams.

It's more likely that there are only 8 or so teams raking in healthy profits and those teams are pushing Bettman to make concessions, get the season started.

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