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Originally Posted by Slot View Post

the three guys you mentioned are some of the best reporters in hockey. It may behoove you to listen to those opinions and not dismiss them as casually as your post makes it sound like you have.
They have great connections. But they are doing the owners' work. These guys report with an obvious bias.

They seem to want t both ways. They want to be seen as objective reporters and tastemaking opinion guys. That's fine. But it comes with a cost to your credibility as a reporter.

The thing about Brooks is that he doesn't dress his columns up "stories." A guy like Lebrun or McKenzie give what appears to be a straight news account, but put in BS about how "the PA is being unrealistic with this demand" while rarely putting the owners demands under the same microscope.

When you consider their blurring of the lines between reporting and opinion in all their stories and then consider they're all are paid by companies owned by the same companies who own NHL teams, the blur begins to look like deceit.

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