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Originally Posted by Scurr View Post
You must be young. The NFL has been built on the back of dynasty's.
This would be a valid point if you completely ignore the fact that until 1993 the NFL had no free agency; NFL teams that drafted well built dynasties and players had very little rights. The Packers of the 1960’s, Steelers and Cowboys of the 1970’s, the 49ers and Giants of the 1980’s, and even the Cowboys of the early 1990’s all operated in a system without free agency.

I mean if you want to get rid of the cap and free agency in the NHL that may work to keep spending down while also allowing teams to build “dynasties” but that’s going to be a pretty tough sell the PA (not to mention it's now illegal based on antitrust laws, see the NFL player lawsuit of 1992).

I should also point out that the NFL adopted a cap system a year after the courts awarded NFL players free agency.

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