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Originally Posted by Captain Bob View Post
Owners could unstall the talks right now quite easily, couldn't they?
I can think of about 10 ways they could do it.

Talks are stalled because both sides are unwilling to budge.

I'm not pro-PA. I'm anti-owner. And there's a difference/

Yes the CBA could be signed in 10 minutes if one side just gave in. that is likely not going to happen.

My issue is with the PA treating this like it is a grade four argument in school. The NHL puts a proposal to the PA, the PA is offended, they then cry to the media, on twitter, about how unfair the NHL is. Teacher, teacher, Bettman is a bully and wants to take away my lunch money. sniff sniff.

Like it or not this is a negotiation on how much the players are going to give back to the owners from the last CBA. Everything the owners are going to propose will adversely affect the players.

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