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Originally Posted by urho View Post
So was Barkov for Finland. Sadly, the team was coached by yet another ö-level coach (last year it was Helminen)... They suffered a lot because of that.
I don't think the issue is that our coaches have been of very low quality (though I don't have much trust in Helminen's coaching skills), but rather that the office of U20 head coach is handed to a new guy every year, resulting in no continuity whatsoever, and with no chance of establishing some kind of coaching system, where everyone knows what to expect and know what is expected of them.

Team Sweden is a very good example of how things should be run:
1. Have a certain vision how the junior team should play
2. Hire a coach who a) is of high quality and b) has a vision of his own on how to execute the plan laid out by the federation, and give him enough freedom to work it out
3. Hire the coach for 3 or more years, with the eventuality that the coach is the to-be head coach of the men's NT.
4. The big picture is that all the junior national teams play roughly according to the same philosophy, and when a player is bumped from U18 to U20, he knows what is expected of him, and he jumps into an already working mold.
5. Junior players have a strong identity when they wear the NT jersey

This is roughly how our federation sees it:
1. Don't give a **** about the WJC because it's just a junior tournament, Kal€ prefers the Karjalalippis games (finnish word for World championships)
2. Hire a coach who happens to be free, for 1 year, and when he'd done, say "next"
3. Expect the players to play "meidän peli" which doesn't work well in junior because there isn't enough time to teach the system to the players in 1 year. The effect is that the playing style changes every year, the coach doesn't have time and resources to teach his vision to everyone, and players are confused. If by chance the players learn the ideas of the coach, it's back to square 1 the next year. Thus there is no continuity
4. Junior players have no identity when they wear the NT jersey

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