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Originally Posted by Steve View Post
Yeah the players would lose a ton, no question. The owners are losing money also, albeit less money on the whole but some individual owners are losing MASSIVE amounts of money.

I think it's more the threat of the "Anti-Trust" that causes the real concern b/c very few owners could cover that cost if they players were to be successful.
None of the owners are losing 'massive' amounts of money, save maybe one or two (and the Leafs are corporate owned, incredibly well financed and could afford not to play for years without any risk to the franchise). You forget that for most teams, payroll is over 50% of their revenue, and they're not paying any of that at the moment. Neither are they paying for the massive amount of operational costs involved with running a hockey team. The only thing they are covering are their fixed costs (much of which if financed by debt, the interest upon which is tax deductible) and those losses will also carryforward to be applied against future earnings, so their real losses after tax are pretty damn small in the grand scheme of things. And they can make it all back if they want in salary in the future, because there is still a big gap between the floor and the cap that affords them flexibility.

Most of the players on the other hand are throwing away a material percentage of their lifetime earnings that they will never recover. For nothing. I think the players should have hired a financial advisor to work alongside Donald Fehr.

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