Thread: Speculation: Luongo: The Neverending Story
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01-05-2013, 01:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Spasmatic Dan View Post
I agree that the Leafs' defense looks solid for the future (its the one area of the team I'm confident is well on its way to being rebuilt), but for the present its questionable. By my assessment it lacks experience and it has too much puck moving and not enough actual defense, but that will come with time. The defense is on the late rebuild stage.

The forward group is in a state of flux and I'm not sure where it will end up. As you mentioned, a young top end playmaking center and all of a sudden things look a lot better (which is why Leaf fans are desperately hoping for a top pick this summer) but at the moment its shaky and without a whole lot in the pipeline to reinforce it, its a major question mark. This is precisely why moving Lupul is an issue.

Now if by some ridiculous miracle Burke manages to sign Perry or something comparable, then Luongo starts making more sense and Lupul for Luongo becomes a lot more viable and makes a lot more sense. If we smoke a little more on that pipe and say a top winger AND a top six center, then heck yes to Luongo. At that point the Leafs would be ready to make a splash.

But right now, it would just seem out of place. I'm not against a Luongo trade and he'd arguably be our best player, but I am against trading what you have proposed for him. It would be like punching a bigger hole into a leaking side of a boat to repair the other side.

Man I really have to shorten these responses. I started out with good intentions...really I did.

Ok, scrap the caveman talk, I hear you loud and clear Dan, but I maintain hoping for a top pick or hoping for a free agent jackpot isn't a good way to improve a team, and where as those improvements are "maybes" in acquiring, not whether or not they pan out, Luongo is available, and is a huge upgrade.

Your analogy about the hole in the boat not withstanding, as I do find it apt, I'd have to counter with in flux or not, Toronto has some talented wingers in place already, and Lupul isn't even top of the pile with Kessel and JVR now in the mix. A top six center and a top six winger, both being acquired in free agency, and both being high enough talents to improve what the Leafs have...yeah, then we can talk, but we'd be asking more then Lupul at that point

Again, from an outside perspective, I think wingers and defenders are still the Leafs strength, but for everything to pan out, I'd like to see how everyone plays in a Carlyle system before saying "oh yeah, you guys are good, don't worry about it, give use X, Y and Z and you'll be fine".

Strong goaltending and defensive minded forwards and defenders will make Carlyle come across a knight on a white horse, and make some of the guys on the current roster seem much, much better in their own end, and we just want to help by giving you a goalie Carlyle can make full use of. I swear, that's our only motivation

EDIT: Again, I should be clear, I don't advocate Luongo to Toronto because I think our teams are ill suited as trading partners. I am, however, saying that Toronto would help more then nearly anyone currently on the Toronto's roster if the goal is short term success, ie Playoffs, in the next few years.

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