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Originally Posted by Swarez99 View Post
Whoa, I am surprised by that, that is major league pricing right there.
How did they get so big out there, and how can they charge that kind of money.
I'm an outsider, but...

The city had a history of football, they embraced that, and they took advantage of the NBA leaving at the same time. They limited capacity to create an artificial demand for tickets. They began with famous backers (Drew Carey, Paul Allen, etc.). I would suppose they also backed their new team with advertising dollars and attempted to tap into the alternative market.

Difficult to do, but once a buzz is created about tickets, they sell, and once they sell, you become known as the runaway success of the league and it all takes off from there. People want to be part of the "big club", and they've gone from a position where they first expected 12,000 at games to considering opening the whole stadium.

They're not on English levels yet - $23 for an EPL game would be utterly laughable - but they're making waves in North America, certainly.

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