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01-05-2013, 01:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Frolov 6'3 View Post
The part about D. Armstrong you didnt understand. The thought behind it and what I said about it. Nothing, nothing at all. You have probably never seen him play, not that you have missed anything though.

I have nothing against Desharnais. I think he's a journeyman who was in the right circumstances last season. Not a real special player. Small, no exceptional defensive game, not enough goal scoring ability. Less ice-time will decrease his numbers as well. Yes, no playoff team with serious intentions would prefer him on the 2nd line.

You say anything to make a point. You come up with the fact he has scored on every level of hockey, yeah like we havent seen that before with others. This is the NHL. You even have the nerve to say St.Louis if we talk about David Desharnais, just because they are both small. Than I dont say that you think he's just as good...

Why do you even come up with names like St.Louis, Giroux ?
Its painfully obvious I'm talking with a homer. You are not interested in what I think about him, I have hurt your feelings. That's the problem.
Wrong. I understand you were trying to say that the Kings have had "heart and soul" type players who didn't do much for them. It was perfectly clear. It was also a pathetic comparison to Desharnais. That is the part YOU clearly didn't understand. The difference between a "heart and soul" plug like Armstrong and a "heart and soul" point producer like Desharnais is that Desharnais produces points. Unlike the plug you want to compare Desharnais to.

I love the wisdom of your "less icetime will decrease his numbers" comment. Brilliant observation. It is true for every single NHL player, though. Care to elaborate on what you meant? No need, it is obvious that you were simply reaching for any strawman argument to try and uphold a position founded in fantasy without any basis in reality. You do know that DD had slightly less TOI than Richards, but had significantly more points, and a much better takeaway vs giveaway ratio? Richards is much better defensively, and far more physical, but DD blocked more shots and was far more offensive in his role. So, yes, it is fair to compare DD to Richards. Heck, compare Richards' first full NHL season to DD's and DD still comes out ahead. Richards is the better player right now. However, that does not mean DD will not get better over time. This was DD's 1st full NHL season. He only spent half of it on the Cole/Pacioretty line. Let's see what happens when he gets a full season with those guys.

Again, I come up with names like St. Louis, Giroux, and Richards because they are similar players to DD in regards to point production, size, and overall style of play. Richards is far more physical, but he is a heart and soul type of little guy, as are Giroux, St. Louis, and DD. It is called a "comparison" because the players are similar in many ways. I have not stated that DD is as good as, or better than, any of the guys I am comparing him to. I have stated that he compares favourably to them based on what he did in his first full NHL season.

Lol. No, you have not hurt my feelings, you have annoyed me by making an asinine statement without anything to back it up. You have offered nothing to support your obviously uninformed opinion about why DD would not be able to play on the second line of any team in serious playoff contention. I would truly like to hear you try and explain what it is that DD lacks, why he could not play on any serious team contending for the Cup as a second line center. I doubt you will even try, but I hope you do.

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