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Originally Posted by shello View Post
I disagree. You have to take into consideration he's just a kid and he's somewhere he doesn't want to be, where its not a good environment.

This isn't the NHL, it's juniors, not the same thing when they ask for trades. Matt Puempul, Austin Watson, Jordan Maletta, Alaine Quinne, Ryan Spooner, Slater Koekoek, etc have all asked for trades. Does it mean they have a bad character? No. They're just young kids who are in a negative environment for themselves where they don't think they can succeed with their career, or there's some off ice issues that not everyone is fully aware of (that's why I named a few Petes).

Just think of it this way, you have a job where it's a awful environment, in a remote area, away from your family for the first time in your life, and you're not treated fair or its hurting your potential instead of growing it. Now wouldn't you want to leave and go to the best place possible that you'll be accepted with open arms, and get a chance to expand your full potential?
Agree with this totally. These are KIDS who are growing, not completely mature yet, not pieces of meat on a market that you can just tell to go anywhere and shut up and put up with any garbage that they have to encounter. Would like to see how a lot of posters here would react living more than 1,000 km away from home at 16 and 17 leaving all your friends and family behind. People need to figure it out. These players are people and young teenagers, and if you are gonna condemn a guy just because he wanted to get out of a rotten situation, I guess that would be your loss if you were running a draft or a WHL team.

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