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01-05-2013, 01:43 PM
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Only real fact right now: mediator felt there enough traction to bring both sides together. But it can go any which way past that..
Heard that Bill Daly & Steve Fehr are avid hockey card collectors.

Daly: Give me Gump Worsley, Doug Harvey, Johnny Bucyk and Ted Lindsay for my Gordie Howe
S Fehr: No way. Switch Harvey for Pat Quinn and I will do it.
Bettman whispers to Daly: Quinn is one of our guys, you canīt do that.
Daly: No deal
D Fehr whispers to S Fehr: Ok ask them to add Keith Magnusson and that Tommie Bergman guy. Union fellas
S Fehr: Then we want Magnusson and Bergman. In MINT condition
Big hesitation
Mediator speaks after 5 minutes
"Think we will have a break here. What do you guys want on the pizza?"
D Fehr - Pepperoni, onions and mushrooms
Steve Fehr - add pineapple on half
Bettman - I hate mushrooms
Daly - I could go for spicy pork (gets a nasty glance from the others)
Batterman - Itīs your turn to pay
D Fehr - No way we paid last
Bettman - Lets split and make whole.

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