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Originally Posted by Conflicted Habs fan View Post
Renegotiating the CBA is unnecessary on the grounds that revenues are lucrative. Why there is even a dispute that has taken this long is due in large part to Bettman's ego. He just wants to be seen as the commissioner in control whose tune everyone must dance to.
If what I think the PA is doing, and this is a collective effort by all the players, is to ensure that Bettman will not walk away awarded with more profit than he is not entitled to. if that is what they're doing, I'm for it.
What makes you think the revenues are lucrative? They clearly are not lucrative or the owners would have made a deal by now.

Let's say you bought a house as an investment property and you were charging $4000/mo rent. Are those revenues lucrative? Not if you're mortgage is $5000/mo.


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