Thread: Speculation: Luongo: The Neverending Story
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01-05-2013, 02:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Spasmatic Dan View Post
That got a little out of hand.

I'm not going to defend SC because I'll let you take that up with him (as it seems you are). I only took exception because you dismissed the idea as not even worth talking about when I thought it was worth talking about. You have been saying there is no reasoning behind it when I saw the reasoning even if I disagreed and that was worth discussing (as we have).

Essentially the suffering cat man said he predicted a Luongo buyout, you said it was a useless post and devoid of any logic, and while I agreed he would likely not be bought out I disagreed that there was no logic for reasons we have already talked about.

Maybe if he had put his rationale in subsequent posts into the first the whole thing could have been avoided.

Bingo. You got it in the last sentence there.

They are continuing to make proposals because its a negotiation. A negotiation with no real world ramifications, but a negotiation nonetheless.

Is it a negotiation? If Leafs fans have adopted the "bargain bin or out" stance, what's left to negotiate?

I'm not saying every Leaf fan is coming in and lowballing Canucks fans to annoy them, but what I am saying is that I (and likely others) only think Luongo makes sense for Toronto if he comes at a discount price. Hence the disjoint in Canucks fans versus Leaf fans proposals you have seen.

Many Vancouver fans see it as trading a top flight goalie so of course they should get significant pieces while many Leaf fans see it more akin to the Giguere trade with Anaheim - acquiring a goalie out of cahoots with his team that carries a large contract. Personally I (and I'm not alone) think Luongo is worth quite a bit more than Giguere was but it varies.

This is what I mean by "fair value" vs "perceived market value". Canucks want fair value (which for a top flight goalie is substantial) and Leafs want what they perceive as market value (which is widely varying).

Widely varying is another way of saying pick a price you want run with it. Usually coincides with a heavy discount. Perceived market value or bargain bin shopping will all garner similar responses. So there's a choice: Get up to fair value or explain why you can't get there, which you have. But now that you have, do you expect Canucks fans to change their perceptions and accept bargain bin prices?

Canuck fans understand why TOR fans are reticent to pay. What they don't understand, is how that reticence forces them to still deal Luongo to them. Usually this results in a "no deal". But here, it's accept the conditions and _still_ deal, and that makes no sense.

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