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Originally Posted by The Price is Right View Post
Considering a lot of players from USA, Russia, Sweden etc... play in the CHL and then end up being better than Canada is horrible. CHL should stop letting all the foreigners come and play here in Canada. It is called the Canadian Hockey League for a reason? It should just be for Canadians. They are developing opponent players which is crazy and then they take our strategies and beat us..

I got nothing against Americans and Europeans. It is just my opinion that Swedes should play in the SEL, Russians in KHL, Finnish in SM-Liga, Americans in NCAA or USHL and Canadians in CHL.

Swedes would get coached and trained by Swedish personnel and Russians and all the countries would get coached and trained by people from their country.
So by extension, should the NCAA stop letting Canadians play US college hockey? Should the KHL and other European leagues stop allowing locked out Canadian NHL'ers play in their leagues? Hey, I know, why don't we build giant walls around each country to keep foreigners out? By the way, what year is this? 2013? Just checking.

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