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01-05-2013, 02:18 PM
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some noob questions:
I apologize if they have been answered already but I didn't feel like reading ALL of the many, many replies on this post...
Anyway, I currently have a pair of bauer vapor 2.0's and I guess my foot is growing because within the last few months the skates have become way too narrow and painful. The only shop nearby caters more to figure skaters and only carries grafs and ccm tacks (I saw some bauer supremes but I don't think they were in my size); would it be better to tavel to a store ~4 hrs or so away that carries all major brands so that I can see which has the best fit over all or just pick the best fit between the tacks and the grafs (and maybe supremes)?
I'm willing to spend around $150-200. I play club hockey for my school and it can get pretty competetive but I am fairly new and do not need a really high end skate, that being said I feel that after about a year of my 2.0's I can feel them maybe being too weak for me and would like some in a nicer range than that. We practice maybe 2-3 times per week for a couple hours and I also plan on playing some pick-up and public skate so maybe 10-15 hrs of skating/week.
I've also heard problems for people adjusting from tacks to newer skates and am wondering if that logic works backwards? i.e., if I tried the tacks would I have trouble adjusting to those from newer skates?
Thanks for any input, let me know if I should include anything else that would help.

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