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Originally Posted by eyeball11 View Post
Actually some leagues require you to earn a spot.

No "anybody behaving in the best interests for growing the league and the game" does not "deserve a seat at the table". You prove you belong first before I give you a team at the big table.
Yes, but promotion and relegation is a completely different issue that is irrelevant to the distribution of gross revenues among constituents of a single-tier professional sports league like the nhl, and the two should not be conflated. When the master strategy is to grow the game of hockey in emerging markets, it is counterproductive to the growth of these markets to not provide every market with the tools that it needs to offer the ownership a guaranteed return and to offer potential fans both stability and the possibility of their team contending on a reasonable basis so long as they do their part to grow the game in their media market and act in good faith to provide a competent level of financial stewardship and hockey management. Hence my support for a comprehensive and universal revenue sharing.

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