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01-05-2013, 02:23 PM
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Originally Posted by sandysan View Post
I am also somewhat peeved that fans of the nontraditional markets refuse, outright refuse, to put any types of performance expectations on the team. They claim they are gonna get better, you ask when, they say sometime. You ask them how, they say "well team X did it". And I don't think that cross league comparisons are apt when the environments between the two are not at all similar.
There are expections placed on these markets 14K in attendance and X % yearly growth. These come from the NHL not you. Your expectations are for these markets to equal Toronto in revenue, ticket price and attendance. No one refuses expectations it's just we refuse your expectations. You are correct the envoirment between the 2 are vastly different 5+ genereations of fans to less than 1 generation. Also when these expectations are placed on a market understand people are going to notice how you do not place them on Ottawa, Buffalo, Chicago, Edmonton, ect when they don't meet all of your expectations either.

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