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01-05-2013, 03:26 PM
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Kind of a stupid topic

1. the CHL markets its self as the best developmental league in the world so , duh obvious they need to attract the best players in the world.

2. If i have to choose between a Russian prospect who is an elite prospect or a canadian in bantam, duh pick the Russian.

3. Development will stagnant. By keeping say Russians only in Russia , the development won't change the same rigid styles of play will still be there, players from other countries bring new styles of of play.

4. Illegal, well in regards to EU countries. The Bosman ruiling while mainly focused on soccer, could in theory be applied to EU countries. ( not sure if this was ever applied to Hockey but if anyone familiar please elaborate on if possible.)

If anything i'd get rid of the imports restrictions or at least set the limit to 5 players.

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