Thread: Speculation: Luongo: The Neverending Story
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01-05-2013, 02:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Spasmatic Dan View Post
Why, what constitutes a bargain, of course!

Certain posters have gotten very close before which on a trade message board means that the potential for a deal is very much real.

There were, way back when. That's all gone now.

Widely varying market value means the perceived price changes from individual to individual, and even can change for each individual based on CBA negotiations.

Like I stated above, its all about what people consider a bargain versus what Canucks fans are willing to accept. It varies between posters, but the potential for a deal exists and that's why the thread continues. Also, people love to argue about Luongo's value and that shows up here as part of it. I don't expect you to change your perception necessarily, but the search for common ground continues. I myself several threads ago had a fairly close deal with a Vancouver poster...who was it? Vankiller whale maybe? I don't remember.

Those perceptions vary from fan to fan as well. Its actually amazing how widely varied perceptions of Luongo are here ranging from complete garbage to top 5 goalie.

Not to mention we're all bored without hockey.

I think we're just bored.

Conversely, Toronto fans understand Canuck fans want value for their goalie, but many don't think they can realistically get it. And thus the debate continues.

If they can't realistically get it, that means send him to TO? If they aren't getting value anywhere, how does TOR emerge as the likely destination regardless? Need. That's why. To VAN, if they can't get value, they can't get value. It doesn't matter to them that TOR's need is greater than that of others. So you see, VAN fans can't even say thanks but no thanks and walk away from the proposals because _some_ TOR fans insist that he must go to TOR.

Basically, no value + we have to send him to TO. Not just no value.

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