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Originally Posted by jarmoismyhero View Post
Well if you need your guns to protect u from the government u better get some tank, RPGs, surface to air missiles to combat the Air Force, gernades etc. The 2nd amendment means jack **** in this modern day unless u think u should be allowed to own all the other crap. U ain't gonna fight of anything with a semi-auto and surely not any sort of hostile govt.

Another thing I don't have a huge opinion one way or another on guns. I do think there needs to be better regulation but if you are sane and all that good **** have fun. What annoys me is all the gun lobby holds their head on is the 2nd amendment which any rational person can see is outdated. And this is from someone who could give to ***** if u own a gun or not.
How about the 2nd be interpreted as defense of self and others, whether against government (a stretch but in the books as law), mob or tyranny (individuals or groups attacking).

Now on thread topic, how about middle ground? Law abiding citizens and dealers operating within the law WE ALL KNOW pose little threat. Now guns being sold on the streets pose a HUGE threat, and such operations are clearly illegal.

So the law is not the problem, the lawless examples are. And the lawless operations represent a huge portion of the crime. So why address the problem by going after the lawful and not go after the unlawful?

How about a mandatory first offense charge carrying the same penalty as attempted murder for illegal weapons dealings? Same for those found with unlicensed guns?

Why concentrate on those obeying the law as Feinstein is doing yet again?

The 2nd Amendment has to grow. We all agree the strict militia and right to bear needs further explanation. I believe states should honor the 2nd and regulate within that parameter. Citizens have the right to bear arms Illinois, NY and CA, they have to jump through hoops (or be famous). Illinois does not honor the 2nd, though.....they should. So why not work on making it work and attack the problem with guns?

Large urban areas are the problem. Black market gun operations are the problem. Easy access to guns is a problem (penalize those who wrecklessly leave their guns available if the gun is used in the commission of a crime like the Sandy Hook mother).

So how about attacking the problem and respecting the liberties of law abiding citizens, not going ahead with ideas that have not worked?

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