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01-05-2013, 02:45 PM
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I have to laugh at the ZOMG CANADA end of the world people.

We had a stunning run at this tournament. There are a couple of inescapable facts:

Other nations have improved year after year. We are the pinnacle of hockey, and people have been trying to reach it for a long time.

Other countries who have been talent-wise very near us for a number of years (Russia) have learned how to withstand, and yes, even play our brand of physical game. That is what we taught them.

Yet other countries have increased their skill to match us (USA) and already knew how to play the body.

We are screaming bloody murder at everyone -- players, goalies, coaches, management. Well, guess what? We just aren't as dominant as we used to be. For our population, to be as good as we were for so long is a hell of an accomplishment.

Never again will we go 14 years without missing a medal at this tourney. The times have changed, you should probably get used to it or you are in for a world of heartache.

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