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01-05-2013, 02:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Dado View Post
When the final deal is done, then we can discuss it. Until then, it's just idle speculation, and we'll all see in it exactly what we want to see in it.

For now, I'm happy pointing out that your exact sentiment was widely expressed in the last lockout, and it turned out the PA as a whole did magnificently better with the post-lockout deal than they would have with the pre-lockout offer on the table. It's not even close - the lockout paid for itself several times over in the subsequent years.

Time will tell how it plays out this time...but the first step is seeing the actual deal that they all actually agree to and start playing under.
Well, by that logic, anybody commenting on either side's position in the negotiations is futile, including you. Might as well shut down the boards.

And there's not some mystical unknowability about how things will go or why they went the way they did last time: the players won last time because they negotiated 57% and because revenues grew dramatically. It's that simple. If that happens again, the players will win again (as will the everyone who gets a piece of the growing pie). But I can't conceive of the argument that a lockout is going to help grow revenues.

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