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01-05-2013, 03:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Artemis View Post
If someone's good enough to win an athletic scholarship, he or she will win one. There are countless American colleges that offer them. Heck, New England Patriots running back Danny Woodhead went to Chadron State. Doesn't seem to have held him back, has it?

1) Division II schools like Chadron give out less scholarships than Div. I schools, so there isn't an endless supply of scholarships out there.

2) Having foreign players getting a scholarship does mean a US kid doesn't. It is in fact a zero sum game, no matter how many schools there are that give out scholarships, there there more kids that want them. If one kid gets a scholarship that means another kid doesn't.

3) Yes in the 103 years that Chadron state has been around, 2 football players have made it to the NFL. I guess that means that it makes no difference whether or not a player gets a scholarship to Alabama or Chadron. Awesome logic.

4) What you also neglect to mention is that Woodhead went undrafted, in fact, he wasn't even invited to the NFL Combine. He was waived in the NFL 3 times.

Yeah it didn't hold him back at all that he played at a division 2 school. I don't know why more players don't just sign with Chadron or Valdosta State or Shippensburg and instead go to play for Alabama or Florida or LSU? I mean, it makes no difference if you can play, so why not?

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