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01-05-2013, 03:06 PM
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Originally Posted by bct27 View Post
Another thought I've been having: I always hear folks talking about how great Bettman has been for increasing HRR...but I'm not convinced he's the cause of that increase. I'd attribute a lot of the NHL's success to the strengthening of the grass roots of hockey in the US (e.g., see rise of USA hockey program, with gold at world juniors today!). Bettman gets way too much credit, and the way him and the owners keep locking out the fans (err, the players) is a huge barrier to the game's rise--I think this sport needs to put way more emphasis on cultivating its fan base (marketing, PR) rather than the core economics of the game (fighting with the players over how to split of revenue).
Maybe some of that. Here are the main reasons for record revenue. 1. Inflation, prices increase, ect... same sales will result in more revenue every year. 2. Canadian dollar. 3. Draft class after the lockout, Kane, Crosby, Ovi, ect, ect - marketable stars. 4. Big market teams with cup runs, Chicago, Boston, LA. 5. HD availability makes it much better on t.v.

Bettman has little to do with it.

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