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Originally Posted by scythe View Post
I posted this in another thread on this subject in the WJHC forum but it fits just as well here:

This is just reactionary fear due to Canada not winning gold every year in tournaments such as this. The rest of the world has caught up to us and all of a sudden people want to close the borders to foreign players. How xenophobic. How reactionary. How short-sighted. How dunderheaded.

It's no longer "Our game". It's the world's game. And that can't be anything but a good thing for the sport. Does that mean Canada might not win as much as people are used to? Maybe. But we as a nation need to get over this notion that it's our god-given right to rule the hockey world. It makes us seem like spoiled brats taking our ball and going home the minute we don't get what we want.

The game has matured. Time for us to do the same.
Canada has gone in streaks. They won 5 in a row from 93-97, then didn't win for 6 straight years, then won 5 in a row again, now haven't won in 4 years? Although, Russia threw away the 2009 semis. Idiot got selfish and shot for the empty net from in front of his own crease, missed, got called for icing with about 5 or 6 seconds left, and then Eberle tied it off the face-off. Should have just chipped it out, but that is a different discussion.

Anyways, Canada is going to be back, still always going to be a favorite, still is the deepest country. If it was a tournament where countries could send a B, C, D, E, F team, pretty sure Canada would have the best showing overall each year. They just happened to play a bad game against the U.S. in the semis and lost an OT game for the bronze.

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