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Originally Posted by patnyrnyg View Post
Here is what I don't get. Businesses are hit hardest. Have people in Ottawa stopped going out for dinner just because of the lockout? Maybe businesses that get pre-game crowds are hurt, but shouldn't that help restaurants in other parts of the area?

I haven't been to any of the bars around MSG since last May, but I have spent money in other bars and restaurants. Bars around MSG still have Knicks crowd and still have the after-work crowd, so it is a different story.
Actually ya, you would be surprised. i didnt know how much pubs rely on hockey for business until I heard from quite a few of the owners. Being able to watch the games with friends at a pub or lounge is what brings customers to these pubs, especially the sports lounges. It also extends the stay of the customers visit. Even if customers eat out at these places, you think theyre going to stay til 10pm with no hockey on? Doing what, watching skiing?

A lot of customers are either not dining out as much at these places or staying home or going elsewhere.

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