Thread: Proposal: Mark Scheifele for Phil Kessel
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01-05-2013, 03:42 PM
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Originally Posted by capitalsrock View Post
Kessel has so much more value than Kane AINEFC
If you compare one good year, then yes. If you look at the whole package - and this is the important part - look at how that package fits their respective teams, it's pretty clear Kessel and Kane should stay where they are.

That's why teams make trades, they both view the trade as bringing value to the team. Draft picks, contract lengths, contract amounts, contract status, point production, special teams play, roles, etc.. all factor into this. Each team has different needs for all of the above.

If either team sees less value in what they're getting vs. what they're giving up, they don't make the trade. That's what we're seeing here.

Clearly Kessel is more valuable than Kane, and far far more valuable than Scheifele. Quite honestly none of the proposals I've seen including Scheifele (but excluding Kane) have come close to the value of Kessel, either as a player or as a whole. Funny thing is all of those proposals have come from Toronto fans. Notice how not a single Winnipeg fan has countered? It's because we don't see the value to our team. But he is extremely valuable as I pointed out above, to a team that is near the cap making a cup run next year. Even if we are contenders next year, I don't see Winnipeg management pulling the trigger. They have a very long term view on things.

Quite frankly Toronto and Winnipeg are not good trade partners. We both need the same things, and the assets we have are more valuable to our respective teams more than the other team.

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