Thread: Speculation: Luongo: The Neverending Story
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01-05-2013, 04:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Spasmatic Dan View Post
You're right hoping for a top pick via lottery or a free agent spree is not a good way to build a team and that's actually part of my point. Yes trading for Luongo gives us a short term boost towards the playoffs and I'm all for that, but now we're looking at not only filling our major forward hole with the "hope and a prayer" scenario (a top end center - only one piece but the hardest one to get) but now a top line winger as well. Maybe I just don't have the confidence in JVR that others have but he has a lot to prove in my mind.

Basically I was using those "hope and prayer" scenarios to show when trading for Luongo makes more sense. If we did get a top pick or sign a top player, it makes a heck of a lot more sense because that's a major jump forward and goaltending becomes our last great weakness (still other holes to fill but much more minor ones). If JVR was to develop into a top line winger than that's another scenario where it would make more sense but he's got a ways to go IMO.

This is why I maintain if the season were to start tomorrow, trading for Luongo only makes sense if he comes at a discount price in the form of picks and prospects (because the Leafs have a lot of decent prospects, just not a lot of high end forward prospects) and/or less impactful forwards (i.e. MacArthur, Connolly, Frattin, Kulemin - although I cringe at Kulemin because he was looking very impactful until last season).
Well the hope and prayer route isn't the only way to go, and I never meant to make things sound as dire as that, but Lu doesn't hurt the chances for Perry/Getzlaf/Weiss/whomever. I won't say 100% it helps, if anything, but cap implications aside, it won't hurt.

I hear you and understand what you're saying, but we just can't afford to move a piece like that without getting what we construe as value back. Not to say the players listed do not have value, just not as much to us, as a team that most of their talents are redundant. Frattin and Kulemin aside, most of those pieces aren't more then throw ins to our team, and even the missing elements Kuli and Frattin bring can be filled internally.

If this is the scenario we're in, I reiterate that we might not be the ideal trading partners.

Originally Posted by marty111 View Post
Florida is a 2 hour flight, not 4.

And it's simple. If Florida is Lu's #1 then location is at the top of his list. Toronto in that regard is 10x more appealing then Columbus, Edmonton of SJ.

It's simple, that's all I'm saying. Toronto, in regards to location would be #2 on his list and that's by a quite a large margin.

Luongo also has A LOT of control over where he goes. It just depends on if he chooses to use it.
I will address the other points together with LEAFS FAN 4 EVER's post below, but what criteria give Toronto an advantage over the other, non-Florida destinations?

Proximity (which I argue) being one, what are we basing this on? (Again, not trying to provokate, but I am curious)

Originally Posted by LEAFS FAN 4 EVER View Post
At the most it's about a 2.5 hour flight from Toronto to any major city in Florida.

Luongo said himself the Panthers are his #1 choice, but Vancouver might get the best deal from Toronto and they would tell him that.
Seems I overestimated flight time, I thought it was 3.5-4, my mistake there gentlemen.

But my point remains valid, it is not Florida, it is nearer Florida than Vancouver and Edmonton. Columbus and Chicago, as examples, aren't too far from Toronto, and are infact, further south. Outside of Montreal, all of the Eastern Conference and all of the Central Division in the West are as close or closer, so Toronto isn't special in that particular regard.

Toronto may be high on Lu's list, but being relatively closer to his preferred destination won't be an overriding factor, unless we are talking Carolina or Tampa Bay close (or Atlanta, if they come back), I really don't think it regesters to him. Furthermore, if proximity to Florida is a big deal, outside of the Pacific and Northwest division(minus Dallas, I think), every other team short of Montreal has the same advantage, or better.

All the points you make about Toronto being the premiere destination apply to other locations. All the points you've used to tear down Edmonton or Columbus (minus proximity for Edmonton, which I don't think is even a factor if it's not a 2 hour drive or less) can be applied to Toronto as well. It's not that Toronto is a bad destination for him, it's that it's not much better then even the weakest of other teams that could be interested.

Florida is the first choice for Luongo, but that doesn't mean he won't disregard all other offers, he hasn't shot down a trade to Columbus or Edmonton, and seemed to embrace Toronto and Chicago in his interviews, in addition to listing Florida as his number one choice.

Originally Posted by marty111 View Post
I'd go Gardiner, Franson and a 2014 first for Schneider... I think.

Lupul - Bozak - Kessel
Van Reimsdyk - Grabovski - Kadri
MacArthur - McClement - Kulemin

Phaneuf - Gunnarsson
Liles - ?

Flip Franson for someone else, he would be entirely redundant with Gardiner coming our way. I like that you're willing to pull out the big guns for Schneider though, we didn't even have to twist your arm Marty

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