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Originally Posted by Faidh ar Rud Eigin View Post

They wouldn't have even been in overtime if not for Murphy. That final play was as much a fault of Rielly's (He started it and failed to cover his defensive partner). Also, I don't see why people blame the defender on plays like this, how about praising the scorer? If all scoring players came off mistakes where the defenders were 100% at fault skill wouldn't matter.
Good on him for showing up when the only thing the could win was a Bronze Medal, would have been nice if he could have done it when it really mattered. Clearly he was inspired:

'Bronze is still a medal, it’s 3rd in the world, it’s not like it’s a crappy award to win.' - Ryan Murphy
I agree that Rielly is also to fault on the final play but IMO Murphy was in a good position to start off but made a Poor defensive read. Nichuskin walked around him like he was a peewee player. Murphy can't defend & putting him on a pairing with Rielly is a head shaker of a move if there was one.... however Murphy making the team in the first place was the first indication of head shaking moves to come.

Murphy wouldn't be getting this hate if Spott didn't shove him down our throats the entire tournament when he did absolutely nothing to deserve the ice time he got... nothing till the last game.

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