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Originally Posted by Faidh ar Rud Eigin View Post
I don't care if people think he's a bad coach, but I there actually would be arguements against. Before the last two round-robin games, it was "Subban shouldn't have started he sucked in the camp" and "He cut Corrado". After those games, those claims were muffled and as soon as Canada plays that horrible semi-final game (Which they wouldn't be the first team with a bye to play like that) it was "He didn't prepare the team well enough!" and the Murphy hate came back agian.

Let me ask the people who said this, were you guys in the lockeroom before, during and after that game? How would anyone know how well he prepared the team. You can't assume just because Canada came out flat that means they weren't prepared. Maybe they just came out flat, maybe two days off hurt them (It hurts many a team).

And Murphy, he was the red headed step child the entire tournement, with the lynch mob coming out everytime he made a mistake. Who would have made it over him? Not Corrado, because Wotherspoon took Corrado's spot. He also certainly didn't make it because it was his coach, I don't see any reason why a different coach wouldn't have picked him either. He had an extremely strong summer tournement, and despite not putting up great point totals (But with a point percetentage similar to his other years) he was still strong in the OHL this year. He's also tenfold more talented then the other potential candidates and he dominated on international ice two years ago at the U18 tournement. So beyond the irrational hate, why would another coach cut him and only Spott would keep him?

Spott has his problems, he's only been a head coach for 5 years, he's stil relatively inexperienced and any Rangers fan can tell you he's made mistakes, but peope laying what seems like the entire blame on him? A coach is bad to me if he gets outcoached and makes decisions that can be proven to hurt this team. Well he didn't get outcoached, his team got outplayed but there's not much any coach can do about that, and his decisions weren't that bad, he made some bold moves to play Drouin over MacKinnon, start Subban despite poor recent performance and give Murphy top six ice time (Which didn't cost Canada any game, not even the last one, because Murphy was not even close to 100% at fault for that, at most he's 50% to blame with Rielly). He didn't hit a homerun with all his decisions, but you cannot pinpoint any of his moves, and save with a shadow of a doubt, he cost the team.

There is no chance Kitchener fires him. They might bring in someone to help instead of him handling GM and coach but Kitchener's board of governors will never fire Spott.

They wouldn't have even been in overtime if not for Murphy. That final play was as much a fault of Rielly's (He started it and failed to cover his defensive partner). Also, I don't see why people blame the defender on plays like this, how about praising the scorer? If all scoring players came off mistakes where the defenders were 100% at fault skill wouldn't matter.
He blew by Murphy like he was standing still. He didn't even get a stick on him. Pathetic display of defense from a guy who was sub par all tournament long. There isn't a coach aside from Rex Ryan-- err Spott that would have taken him based on how he's played.

You're praising his play from 2 years and clearly a Kitchener fan. That's fine, but I think it was more than fitting that it was Murphy who got burned at the end there considering his coach was force feeding him so many undeserved minutes.

Spott lost the tournament for this team. Murphy cost them the game.

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