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01-05-2013, 04:22 PM
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I love this game to death, definately the best hockey game ever made, and it's the only video game that I play now. Although great this game definately has it's flaws.

I have the PS3 version of NHL13 and I think the XBox version blows the PS3 version out of the water.
The simulation when in GM mode or season is brutally slow for the PS3. It takes about a minute to simulate to your next game on the PS3, even if there are no games on the day it still takes forever to simulate. To simulate a full season to get to the playoffs can take up to 30 to 40 minutes. While Xbox takes seconds to simulate each game.

The Xbox version I feel like I have complete control of my team and it's players. I press the button and the player does exactly what I want him to do, and at the right timing. While the PS3 NHL13 I have a real problem switching players quick enough, it feels like all the controls are one second behind. Makes it awfully hard to poke check or line up a big hit when the switch players option is so delayed on PS3. On PS3 I don't feel like I have full controll of the game.

I'm probably switching to the new Xbox when the new NHL14 comes out.

A few annoying game play features are,

When your down by a goal and you pulled your goalie and you switch to full attack mode. Your players don't attack the opposing teams player who has the puck, instead they sit back and wait. It's almost impossible to get two guys pressuring that player with the puck because they are in retreat mode. The computer usually keeps passing the puck back to the last defender to eat up the remaining seconds of the game, while I have a hard time getting forwards there to even pressure them for the puck. I wish the players would do what you wanted them to do, rather than doing their own thing.

Passing is great, and so were the one timers. The one timers this year pretty much have been eliminated unless the pass is perfect, but if I am on a 2 on 0 I fully expect the pass to be great and my player to finish the one timer. I find way too often even all alone the players f***up on the one timer. The pass is either way too hard for the player to control, or way too soft where it gets intercepted. There are a lot of wrong player passing too. There will be a player wide open and for whatever reason your passing it to a completely different player you were'nt intending to.

Injuries happen was too frequently. I can have up to 3 guys injured in one game. I love injuries but it happens as often as scoring a goal.

GM mode sucks. Although my favorite mode in the game, the scouting sucks and so do the next generation of superstars. Nugent Hopkins, Yakupov and Mackinnen never reach there full out potential. They still suck a number years after, I really hope NHL14 really focuses in on these very weak areas.

Xbox is the system to have for this game, NHL13 on Xbox is just a lot more realistic and way better. I can actually pull off good onetimers, and make good passes to the player that I intended to. Just much smoother gameplay and nothing seems to be delayed, not even the simulation.

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