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Originally Posted by patnyrnyg View Post
It's a damn shame that we have people in this world that love their country as much as Cherry loves Canada. Shame on him.

I don't think it is an anti-foreigner thing with Cherry. .
Huh? You don't remember the dozens,and dozens of anti-European remarks he has made over the last 20 years? It's not like this is anything new with him and it doesn't usually have to do with the CHL. He has been calling Euros names for years. He continually has called them soft, dirty, and berated them taking the places of good Canadian boys in the NHL. He even sinks to really childish levels of making up snide nicknames as a way of insulting them. Remember Yammy Jagr. Yeah, he's not xenophobic. Not much.

And for anyone who doesn't remember, he used to make a lot of anti-US remarks too. Somewhere along the line he decided to shut up about the Yanks.

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