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Originally Posted by haseoke39 View Post
Simple: I'm sick of all of these players. Sick and tired of players who are so antagonistic that to this day they're fighting for the right to throw away their own money. It's an insult to their fans that $500M is worth so little to them that they'd rather lose that money just to piss on their employers than play the damned game they profess to love. I came into this lockout hoping for a quick resolution and relatively neutral between the sides. After watching the players mindlessly pursue a strategy that had them losing hundreds of millions of dollars even if they win the negotiation from here on out, hurting local economies, and insulting the fans by telling them how much they just want to play while turning their nose up at the best revenue split in North American pro sports, I have no interest in watching these guys again. They've acted like pigs. So Mr. Crosby can help himself to a plane, along with Mr. Miller, Mr. Ovechkin, Mr. Stamkos, the lot of them. They're an insult.

I'll watch the NHL again if they bring in scabs who love the game - or are at least not spiteful enough to throw their own money away just for a chance to rob the fans and owners of the game. That's exactly what the players have done - thrown their own money away just for a chance to spite their bosses and the fans.
There is an awful lot of your statement I agree with, and it seems our emotions get the best of us...the players are so out of touch with the real world, and have been since they were teenagers playing junior hockey...they should learn from the owners side, just be quiet and let one guy do your talking...

On the other side, the players have a very short career, and I can understand their frustrations also, but if you want to dictate how things are run, retire the skates and get your cheque book out, and buy a team, and then you can tell your employees how things should work...Crosby should ask Mario how it should be...

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