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Originally Posted by AndrePetersson View Post
Dawg was just as good, if not better than Grant in the AHL. Grant has been great this year, but it's not a given the success translates to the NHL level.
I know Daug was a rookie on the 4th line, but 11 points in 65 games isn't exactly translating success either.

Daug put up better numbers in the AHL, but he never left the top 6 in 2010 in which you are referring. Daug put up 54 points in 73 games, which is pretty good im not gonna lie. If Grant were to play 74 games, he would be on pace for 40 points. Thats a pretty sizeable difference, but they played in different roles. If Grant was on pp1, and on line 1 or 2, I could easily see him closing that gap or surpassing it.

The difference here is that Grant is a center who can play wing, while Daug is strictly a winger. Versitality is pretty important in a bottom 6 player imo. Derek is also 6'3", while Daug, no midget by any means, is around 5'11". So if Derek can fill out weight wise, he could bring a pretty physical edge that Daug just isn't capable of. I know they are both are capable pkers, so thats pretty much a wash, but the edge might go to Grant. I also think Kaspars basically is what he is, while Grant might have a little more left to show us.

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