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01-05-2013, 04:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Kid Dynamite View Post
There are so many things wrong with this I don't know where to start. You do realize how ******** this sounds. Grigorenko outplayed Galchenyuk but if Galchenyuk would have played better he would have outplayed Grigorenko. First you are assuming that Galchenyuk wasn't at his best which you can never prove, sure he has looked better in the OHL, but this tournament is much better competition, maybe his game won't translate, maybe Galchenyuk doesn't do well under pressure. Second you are assuming that Grigorenko couldn't have played better which is wrong.

Galchenyuk was on the third line because he played like a third line player on the US team. Do you really think he deserved more minutes? He was given similar minutes to Grigorenko against Canada / Russia and didn't do enough with them to encourage Housley to continue playing him more, and rightfully so. Galchenyuk's minutes were a product of his play, plain and simple.

Once again I don't understand how you have come to this conclusion.

You act as though Galchenyuk hasn't played any wing before (hint: he has, and quite a bit of it in Sarnia.)

Grigo was the better player this tournament plain and simple, if you want to talk about Galchenyuk more, he has his own thread.

That being said back to the topic of this thread Grigorenko. He showed real flashes of dominance, even beyond that periods of dominance, if this kid puts it all together he is going to put up a ton of points in the NHL, the skill is definitely there. However, I still see some of the concerns that were raised on draft day, his play can be uninspired and lethargic at times, he will disappear for stretches. When this happens he seemed to turn the puck over quite often. He also didn't seem to put up as many points as his play would suggest he should have, at the end off the day the puck ending up in the back of the net is what matters, in such a short tournament it would be reasonable to suggest that his line didn't have good puck luck.

I hope like it doesn't sound like I am being too critical of Grigorenko, the positives have been mentioned enough in this thread that I have mostly ignored them. I guess I just always have tempered expectations for any prospect. People called him the steal of the draft at 12 the day of the day and it is still holding true imo.
Nope, you're absolutely on point, he definitely needs to play with more consistency and the skill is definitely there.

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