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01-05-2013, 04:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Drydenwasthebest View Post
I so wish you would have started the thread with this kind of intelligent posting.

Keep in mind, a second line center gets about the same ice time Desharnais received as a 1st line center in Montreal because we have Plekanec. Desharnais was 45th amongst all centers in terms of Time On Ice per game last year. He only received an average of 18:23 per game. That is part of the problem with your assessment. You keep thinking that DD would get LESS TOI on a different team, but he was already playing second line minutes in Montreal, overall. I am not saying that a lot of what you just wrote is wrong, but the whole TOI thing is where most of your argument comes from and the reality is that he wouldn't get significantly less time than that on another team because that is about the average TOI that a second line center gets.

As far as points go, how many guys do you think scored 60 points last year while averaging only 18:23 per game? Let's look at the playoff teams. DD would not be a second line center on the Bruins, Kings, Canucks, Red Wings, San Jose, or Pittsburgh. He could be a 2nd line center on Chicago, NYR, Florida, Ottawa, Washington, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Phoenix, St. Louis, and Nashville. He would have been able to get 2nd line minutes around the 18:23 mark on all of those teams. On some of those playoff teams, he could be the first line center! If you have a guy who can put up 60 points on a team like Montreal, while playing 18:23 per night, there are definitely other teams he could go to and flourish. It is about putting a player in a position to succeed based on his skill set.

Look at Erik Cole. Playing with DD as his center he scored the most goals in his entire career and tied his highest point total. Pacioretty scored 33 goals! Both of those guys gave DD tons of credit for their success.

I agree that different teams use different types of centers, but even you acknowledge that teams use players with great offensive skills on the second line. A guy who gets 60 points in 18:23 of play certainly would seem to be producing at a "great offensive skills" clip. Heck, there were playoff teams last year that didn't even have a first line center that produced 60 points!

In any case. I am not saying DD is the best center in the world. I am not saying he would play top line minutes with every team in the league. I AM saying that he is a very good player who could easily play second line center on many teams in the NHL, including at least a few of the serious playoff contending teams last season.

Finally, DD was not the reason the Habs finished in 3rd worst in the NHL last year. Injuries, coaching changes, managerial problems, etc... all contributed to bring us down. I doubt many teams would do well if they lost their best defenceman and one of their leading goal scorers for almost the entire season, among other injuries we had. Remove Brown and Doughty from your roster for the season and tell me if your team would have made the playoffs. I look forward to next season so we can all see who is right about DD.
You wanted arguments and now everything is wrong what I said. Of course I didnt expect anything different. We can discuss this to death but it's useless. I mean, just one sentence of mine that Desharnais didnt led the Habs to anything is countered with "DD was not the reason the Habs finished in 3rd worst in the NHL last year."

Like I said anything close to that. Like I think that poor dude was the reason. He played up to his potential, got the opportunity in Montreal, and that's about it.

You are so defensive that anything I say, even the most smallest thing, will have a negative impact on you. Now I understand what I was saying in the beginning was an asinine statement to you. I made such a bold statement when I said he was a nice player but not good enough for a playoff contender. What was I thinking.

I dont know if we should look forward to next season, he's getting traded or so ? I never denied to expect such a season from him again in a similar situation.

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