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01-05-2013, 04:55 PM
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Originally Posted by du5566 View Post
I disagree on all points and I like to back up my arguments with facts not opinions.

For instance individual point totals in the NHL have gone down in the past 30 years due to the improved ability of NHL goalies, the improved technology and increase in sheer size of goalie equipment, and the adaption of defensive styled hockey not because the talent pool in the NHL is watered down due to the salary cap and league wide parity.

As an opinion I would argue that individual point totals in the NHL are down because the overall talent level in the NHL has drastically increased over the past 30 years and that the 4th liner in today's NHL is light years ahead of the 4th liner in the 1980's.
I didn't the talent had been water down. It's been spread out. Now everyone has the same amount of crappy players. Don't bring up the goalies. Anyone here can tell you I'm against the michelin man pads, but this is a trap argument, because you would probably be against making the nets bigger which is the only way that would be solved. As for defensive hockey, because of the spread of players everyone plays some form of it now. Tell me the ratings this year for the playoffs. In the US they sucked.

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