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01-05-2013, 05:00 PM
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Originally Posted by KINGS17 View Post
Listen up. You believe this because you live somewhere in the Eastern Time Zone.

Living in California, I thank God that people from New York think Florida is so awesome.
Originally Posted by du5566 View Post
Haha, obviously the networks would prefer a final with two big market teams involved. It almost guarantees more viewers. But the finals are such a small part of the overall TV revenue and what you fail to take into account is that those same networks want to televise and promote a league whose 30 successful teams are spread throughout the biggest TV markets in North America. And it's hard for the NHL to have 30 successful NHL teams spread out through North America without a salary cap and parity. Especially in small markets and non-traditional hockey cities.

I didn't know that HFBOARDS was full of network executives and successful professional sports owners well versed in marketing in TV contracts. My only question for you all is do you really think that if your 10 team super league with no salary cap is viable and would indeed be a huge success then why hasn't the NHL moved in that direction? Or the NFL or NBA? Why are these people doing everything the possible can to move away from your "winning recipe"?
I have a cousin at CBS Studios in NYC. This is straight from the horse mouth. I'm not lying at all. KINGS17 tell me why there are no west coast teams on NBC's schedule?? Exactly. All the cap has done is make all the teams the same.

Du5656 where have a supported a 20 team league? You can have everything the NHL has now and it won't matter because at the end of the day people won't pay to watch small market teams in big tournaments. The NBA does the same thing and so does the MLB, only one has a cap. The Networks almost never promote the 30 teams concept, that's not their job that's the NHL, and as a result for the regular season you get your team, my team(NYR) and the other big markets. No one on HFBOARDS can admit that people would rather watch big then small anytime other than the NFL. Unless you get a generational star (Like Crosby, Like Malkin, like LeBron) your team is not on national TV 5 teams or 40 teams

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